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Spend Less, Get More: Build Profitable Google Ad Campaigns


Launch a Google Adwords Campaign that drives traffic and generates leads to your business with lower costs and better ad placement


Saturday Mar 28 2020 12:00 PM (3 hours)

  • Google AdWords references
  • A custom case study that learners will work through to develop a custom Google Ad campaign
  • Light snacks and refreshments

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Google Adwords can be an amazing tool for your business to boost awareness, sales or general traffic to your website. However, to develop an effective Google Ad, a deep understanding of your desired target demographic is required and quality content must be developed to align with their needs. We’ll walk you through how to create a campaign in an effective manner, determine appropriate keywords, effectively manage your Google AdWords budget, maximize clicks and much more. You will be able to share experiences with fellow learners, learn about successes, failures and tactics relevant to different industries and get you jump started to build and run profitable Google Ad campaigns!

What you’ll learn

  • Setting up a Google AdWords account
  • Google AdWords Campaign terminology
  • Keywords and their importance
  • Building an effective Campaign
  • Campaign targeting
  • Building quality content
  • Customer engagement strategies to generate sales


  • A Google account
  • A creative willingness to learn
  • Basic awareness of social media platforms in existence
  • No prior knowledge required – all skills will be accommodated


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