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Meal Prep Like a Boss: Eat Better & Live Longer


Learn how to create your own meal plan to lose fat, get in shape, eat the food you love and ultimately live longer!


Sunday Feb 23 2020 3:00 PM (3 hours)

  • Meal prepping
  • Sample dishes to taste
  • Live demonstrations of meal prepping techniques
  • Light snacks and refreshments

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Are you able to spend time in the kitchen to make home cooked healthy meals?
Do you know what type of nutritional requirements your body should be meeting?
Are you familiar with meal prepping and its cost and time saving benefits?
Were you aware you can still eat some of your favourite foods (despite being deemed unhealthy) and still achieve the physique you want?
Are your meals exciting and make you feel energetic after consumption?

If you answered no to any of the above, come learn how to cook like a chef, eat better and live longer! You’ll learn from our local resident Fitness and Nutrition Expert Dilpreet Bhattal! As a Certified Nutritionist and Certified Kinesiologist, while also running her own Fitness / Nutrition company Little Tank Fitness, she will make you fall in love with the foods you were not even aware of and learn how to meal prep with your favourite indulgences. This is not your run-of-the-mill cookie cutter meal prepping, Dilpreet will make sure you pick up on important tips for meal prepping that you’ll actually enjoy and get you closer to meet your personal fitness goals, weight loss goals, nutritional goals, or to simply be healthier!

What you’ll learn

  • The essentials of nutrition
  • Learning how to eat what you like, and still achieve your fitness goals
  • How to break through fat loss plateaus
  • Design meal plans around your schedule and current lifestyle
  • Strategies from a certified personal trainer and nutritionist to stay committed to your meal planning
  • How to enjoy the process of and look forward to creating, planning and cooking your own meals
  • Essential kitchen equipment you need to meal prep correctly
  • How to have cheat meals without losing progress


  • A desire to improve your current health and fitness lifestyle
  • A desire to spice up your home cooked meals
  • No prior nutritional or fitness knowledge required


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