Get Hired Now: Standout Resume & Interview Skills

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Never taught how to interview for jobs and write a great resume back in high school or in University? We got you covered!


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  • Real industry stories
  • References, tools and techniques to maximize attraction as a candidate
  • Light snacks and refreshments

Session registration opening soon, stay tuned!


I must’ve missed the lecture in high school or in my undergrad where we actually were taught how to interview for opportunities and put together a resume … or maybe not, because resume writing and learning how to properly interview for a job and career opportunities were never part of my education! For such a valuable life skill, this session makes sure you have every resource at your fingertips to be able to search for the most ideal job and/or career opportunity you desire and leave a lasting impression during your impression that will get you hired!

What you’ll learn

  • Ideal resumes and cover letters
  • Creating career opportunities using traditional and non-traditional methods
  • Interview competencies, demonstrating confidence and answer questions with conviction
  • Building professional networks and developing / growing social currency


  • A willingness to learn
  • A resume you currently use now
  • No prior knowledge required – all skills will be accommodated


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