Be your own Mechanic: Car Maintenance 101


Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors with your vehicle? Learn the fundamental basics of your vehicle to keep it in great shape!


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  • Expert knowledge from a local automotive repair and parts distributor owner
  • Vehicles to apply knowledge gained from the session
  • Light snacks and refreshments

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It’s frustrating being in that waiting room while you don’t really know what’s going on with your car and you get to see that hefty invoice for car repairs. Don’t be fooled by upselling techniques by service advisors and one stop shop auto-repair shops and know what is truly needed for your car to be well maintained and taken care of. Throughout this session, you will walk through the basics of automotive terminology, car composition and ways to keep your car maintenance costs low. To enhance your skill development, on-site vehicles will illustrate examples and reiterate points of emphasis when maintaining your own vehicle. By the end of it all, you’ll become a reliable source of information for friends and family in need of that quick go-to help for their vehicle needs!

What you’ll learn

  • How to change a tire with your spare
  • Why your tire went flat and whether it's repairable
  • How to remove your tire
  • How to tighten the spare wheel
  • Safety risks of driving on a spare tire
  • How to boost your car
  • Why your battery died
  • Safety risks of boosting your car
  • Engine oil - what does it do?
  • Why you should check your oil
  • How to check your oil
  • What does service soon mean?
  • How to change your oil
  • Check engine light and diagnostic tools
  • Common causes of a check engine light


  • Curiosity and interest for vehicles and vehicle maintenance
  • No prior knowledge required - all skills will be accommodated


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