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Chris Schmidt

Entrepreneur & Business Expert

Chris Schmidt started his first business at the age of ten, but his success story begins in 2016. After completing a science degree at the University of Manitoba, he founded Geofilter Studio, the world's first Snapchat filter company.

Geofilter Studio grew at an unprecedented rate of 24,000% and expanded to 85 employees in its first year. They became the largest filter producer in the world, creating over 100,000 filters that accumulated 5 billion views worldwide.

Following Geofilter Studio’s success, Chris formed EveryStudio, which created augmented reality products, iOS sticker packs, and houses the Geofilter Studio business. The company was acquired in 2019.

In 2018, Chris co-founded his sixth business, a machine learning company in the apparel industry called Pluto Ventures. He looks forward to capitalizing on his early success and growing his companies alongside talented teams.

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