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You’ll walk away with a skill and meaningful connections after taking a U LEARNT session.

Build Skills.
Share Knowledge.
Grow your Network.

Our Vision

To become the catalyst for skill development through expedited and engaging learning experiences

Our Mission

To provide affordable, quality and in-person learning opportunities for everyone who wants to build skills fast

The most memorable people I’ve met have been through some sort of shared passion at events, school, my social network or volunteer initiatives. Responsibilities seem to pile up as you get older and meeting people gets harder – so I figured, why not have a place where you’re guaranteed to meet people with similar interests and learn from a credible Expert that is passionate about what they do? U LEARNT accomplishes just that

Chris Hoquis
U LEARNT – Co-Founder

I don’t want to spend a ton of money, I don’t want to Google it or search through a hundred YouTube videos, I want to learn it now. U LEARNT is the place to go.

Sonny Sirha
U LEARNT – Partnerships